1-2-3 Bake-to-Ship Holiday Gifts

When the lucky recipient of your baking means you’ll be SHIPPING, some baked goods are just MADE for this. Others, not so much.

Not so great…buttery-rich shortbreads, cookies or crackers; cakes and Artisan lean (no fat, no sugar) breads.  These are likely to crumble, crush, stale or mold respectively.

Ship-shape arrivals are more likely with a firm, chewy cookies like ginger snaps, oatmeal, chocolate crinkle or refrigerated, sliced and baked cookies like peppernuts. Butterscotch brownies or other cookie bars are great options too.

Quick breads often taste better the next day or after, so, go with it! Pumpkin, Cranberry, or an apple, quick bread.  Don’t forget the toasted nuts if you know your recipient’s tastes, and allergies! .

Go retro!  Mix and ship the Purdue University Master Mix.

Recipes are family sized or good for one or two and the mix lasts at room temperature up to six weeks.


  1. Bake quick breads completely done-no doughy centers. Take the loaf’s center temp – target = 200° F.
  2. BEFORE you wrap the bread, cool the loaf on a wire rack completely–until 80° at center.  
  3. TRIPLE wrap loaf in waxed paper or plastic wrap, next foil, then place in a plastic food bag. Allow a “bubble” of air around the loaf to cushion it, then seal.
  4. Think like Shrek: Layers.  Bubble wrap or paper crumpled in bottom and on sides of box with product secure in center and padded on top.

Before you seal the box, why not top it off with a unique set of napkins and, of course, a note from you.  Handmade, all the way.

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