Baking: Farm to Table

Baking: Farm to Table

Baking: Farm to Table

It’s March at last!  Wild or mild, the weather has us preparing to plant gardens and farms and puts a spotlight on nutrition.  Flour’s often an unsung nutrition hero.   

World-wide, we don’t live well without flour.  As Americans focus more on plant-based proteins, wheat flour is a “heavy-lifter” in baked goods. It’s essential gluten proteins provide the structure to include many other grains, seeds and pulse flours.  Plus, wheat flour can contribute up to 24 g of protein in the recommended six servings—nearly half an adult’s average need.  

Both enriched and whole-grain flour contribute protein, carbohydrate and many more essential nutrients.

Baking whole-grain rich (50/50 whole grain and enriched)  is a great way to include both’s benefits in nearly any recipe.  Pesto Garlic Skillet Bread is a great example.

Flour millers like Grain Craft, the largest U.S. flour miller, fund wheat research with Kansas farmers and Kansas State U. to maximize quality wheat production practices

Get inspired by the farmers and millers.  Learn more about  WheatField to Flour; Flour to Table  Map two “locally produced”  baking ingredients in your state. 

Wheat is grown in  42 states and Where Does Sugar Come From? Field to Table

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