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Tips for Baking Success with Children

Food Skills Check-list

NEW! Baking Science Ingredient Functions

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Home Baking Food Safety 101

6 Things You Should Know About Wheat

New! Why Bake?

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Dough Sculpting 101 online lesson and Graphics

A Baker's Dozen Smart Snack Recipes

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Gift Tags

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Memory Game

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Almond raspberry Pear, Gluten Free Dessert Pizza

Gluten Free Key Lime Tartlets

Gluten Free Waffles

Egg Free Corndog Bites


Measuring Your Ingredients

Folding Technique

Creaming Butter and Sugar

Easy Cake Decorations

Super Simple Glazes

Decorating Cookies with Royal Icing

Easy, Incredible Buttercream Frosting

How to Frost and Ombre Cake

Baking Tip for Powdered Sugar


Tips for Baking with Kids

Yeast and Baking Lessons w/ Step by Step Guide

How to Make the Perfect Frosting

How to Make Perfect Brownies

How to Make Perfect Muffins


Cinnamon Biscuits

Breadworld Recipe Videos

Sweet Rolls: Honey Bunnies



Bread in a Bag

Clay Play Dough

Basic Pizza Crust Recipe

Cinnamon and Pecan Pullapart Bread

Mascarpone and Apricot Cornbread

The Home Baking Association (HBA) has designated February as “Bake for Family Fun Month” and has resources, recipes and activities to help families get started!

Each week you will find designated recipes, baking activities and opportunities to spend time together in the kitchen. From toddler to grandparent - baking is the perfect family activity

Week One: Let's Get Started Baking
  How Kids Can Help in the Kitchen
  Bacon and Egg Breakfast Muffins
  Best Ever Waffles!
  Don't Fear the Yeast: Easy No-Knead Recipe
  Batterway Whole Wheat Bread

An easy to prepare whole wheat bread that requires no kneading!
  Baking Steps Guide
How to Bake Videos
  Why Bake with Children?
  Let's Get Started Baking: Bakin' it Simple
  Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips
    Chewy Chocolate Granola Bars
    Cheddar Cheese Straws
  Book & Bake

Kids in the Kitchen Measuring Techniques

One of the most important techniques kids can learn is how to measure properly. Here are some tips that will make learning how to measure ingredients a fun experience.

Freshly baked cookies. Homemade cupcakes. Chewy brownies. Do these tasty treats remind you of childhood memories of baking with your family? Well, now you can create sweet new memories with your children by signing up for the 8 week #FamilyBakeNight Challenge. Click here for more info

Week Two: Baking for My Valentine
  Heart Shaped Marshmallow Crisped Rice Pops
  Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  Chocolate-Cinnamon Cinnamon Rolls
  French Toast with Strawberry Butter
  Alexis' Heart Cake

Heart-Shaped Barbecue Chicken Pizza

This pizza says "I Love You" 365 days of the year, not just on Valentine's Day!

  Book & Bake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies!

Start with Hodgson Mill Brownie Mix made with Whole Wheat Flour & Milled Flax Seed, add milk chocolate chunks and a sweet peanut butter swirl and some crushed pretzels on top. YUM!

Get the recipe here!

Week Three: Baking History and Traditions
  Make your own tortillas with only 5 ingredients!
  Six of our favorite dinner rolls!
  Grandma's Cinnamon Rolls
  Yeast and Baking Lessons
  Old Fashioned Chicken n'Dumplings
Book & Bake
Week Four: Baking for Others
  Mini Apple Pies
  Bake and Take Month
  Whole Grain Oatmeal Cookies
  Gooey Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Book & Bake

Pizza Muffins

Easy recipe! Perfect for families to make together dinner or a party favorite!

Solo Mini Tarts

These buttery tarts are filled with a mixture of your favorite fruit filling with touch of cream cheese. They are quick to make and will surely impress your guests.

Yeast Raised Glazed Doughnut 

Learn about professional bakers!  Check out this versatile doughnut recipe that can be used for a wide variety of frosted yeast raised and filled doughnuts.  See the baker formulations and the home version! Enjoy!

Favorite Texas Recipes

Texas Wheat Producer’s Oatmeal Jam Bars meet the Smart Snacks guidelines for in-school foods served or sold AND are also great for serving in after-school programs!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Honey Wheat Dinner Rolls

Energy Bars


Whole Wheat Jam Bars

Blueberry Muffins

Soft Pretzels

Family Fun – shaping these soft pretzels!

Bread with a Twist--Soft Pretzels – Baking Activity

Learn about the history of pretzels and shaping tips!

All-American Baseball Cookies

This recipe makes 5 dozen cookies!  Enough to share with your teammates!

Best Blueberry Muffin

Blueberries in every bite with one cup of blueberries!

Soft Chewy Sugar Cookies
How to Make Cobbler
Confectionista Project Videos for Creative Inspiration
Blueberry Baked Pancake Squares
Chocolate Scotcheroos
More ideas for Scotcheroos
Cute Snowmen to Warm Up A Winter Table
A Collection of Quick and Easy Baking Recipes
Make It Yours Cookie Recipe with Mix-Ins
Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler
Whole Wheat Bread
Find Recipes and Ingredients for Including Whole Grains
2016 State "Best of Wheat" Contest Winning-Recipes
What Is A Dutch Baby?

Request A Kansas Wheat 2017 Recipe Book

The Kansas Wheat 2017 Recipe Book featuring recipes from the National Festival of Breads is available at no cost

Free Jiffy Recipe Book

Sign Up for the Family Bake Night Challenge

Participate and win a baking prize pack!

Best of Wheat

48 page booklet of winning Oklahoma recipes!

Flour Properties and Uses Chart

Cooking Matters

Want to attend a free cooking class or grocery store tour near you? Or offer them as part of a community program? Visit the Cooking Matters website to learn more.

Educational Videos

Discover how flour is made, take a farm tour, etc.

What is Short Patent Flour?

Find the Farmer

Stone-Buhr has created a simple, easy-to-use website for you to locate the family farms that grew the grain that we mill to make your flour. We believe it is important to support these multi-generational farms who are producing wheat in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Cooking with Gourmet Grains

Where Does Sugar Come From?

So Many Types of Sugar!

Wheat Montana Cookbook

171 pages of recipes with fantastic resouces and information

Bake Your Passion

Explore and get inspired by this collection of recipes - from classic sweet breads and sweet pastries, to creative appetizers and delectable desserts.

All About Grains

Take a look at wheat and barley in Washington!

Blindfold Activity

Food, fun and conversation about things that matter. Families will love trying this blindfold activity!

Wheat Facts

Everything you need to know about wheat, flour and more!

Whole Grains A-Z

Food Detectives Fight Bac!

Play this fun and educational game!

Fun with Food Prep
Year-Long C&H Sugar Calendar
Free Jiffy Mix recipe Book
Be A Bake Sale Here for Hungry Kids
Check out these Food Games to Learn More About Food
Fun Projects for Parents and Teachers: 27 Lesson Plans
Bake for Good: Bake Two Loaves, One to Enjoy, One to Share
Flour Food Safety Video: Don't Lick the Spoon!
What the Heck is Gluten?
What is Prairie Gold?
Packaging! All those ingredients in a special package
Do You Know Where Your Flour Comes From?
Learn About the Milling Process in North Dakota
Have Fun with Wheat! Wheat Activities for Every Age

What is a Whole Grain?

A grain is considered to be a whole grain as long as all three original parts — the bran, germ, and endosperm — are still present in the same proportions as when the grain was growing in the fields.

What is Ultragrain?
Colorado Wheat
How Many Women Farmers are in Kansas? Facts About Kansas Wheat
What is Identify Assured?
What is Pizza Flour?
Take the Wheat Quiz
Wheat Flour Terms. Enriched, fortified, bleached and unbleached...
What is Tortilla Flour?
Discover How Flour is Made. Take a Farm Tour
What is A Short Patent Milling Process?
Wheat 101: Answers Your Questions
How Well Do You Know Sugar?
What is a kernel of Wheat?
Kid Zone - Video: Kids A Cookin'
Sprouting Up: Teaching Kids About Wheat
What is A Wheat Kernel?
Types of Flour: An Easy Reference Guide for Home Bakers
Types of Wheat

Dough Sculpting 101 DVD

Dough sculpting is fun for all ages! The DVD includes recipes, lessons, downloadable resources and more than 30 how-to-videos for shaping breads, cookies and fun activities!

Special Bake for Family Fun Offer

COST: $25 per DVD all orders received during February 2016 will receive complimentary baking resource packet with baking tools, recipes and booklets for family baking!  Check it out here

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