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A Baker’s Dozen
Lessons For Better Baking

This DVD is packed full of excellent lessons in baking on a variety of topics. Click here to order


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Resource Links and Information
DVD Segment Resource Information Links
Introduction Why to Bake with Children
Eating Together
Getting Started The Thrill of Skills - Age Appropriate Skills
Ten Tips for Baking Success with Kids
Food Safety
Bakeware Recipe - Quilt Cake (Nine Patch Quilt Cake)
Recipe - Basic Pizza Crust
Bread Machine Guide Educator Resource
Designer Baking "I Baked Today" Certificate
Gift Giving Labels
Bake for Family Fun
Bake and Take Day
Chemical Leavening High Altitude Baking
Eggs Substituion Eggs Guidelines
Recipe - Soft Pretzel
Flour Recipe - Good Day Granola
Flour Substitution Guide
Recipe - Chocolate Biscotti

Recipe - Basic Yeast Bread Recipes
Beginners Bread
Whole Wheat Bread

Bread Machine Guide Educator Resource

Recipe - Muffin Recipes

Salt Salt Substitution Guide

Recipe - Soft Pretzel

Recipe - Dough Art
Sugar Recipe - Pound Cake
Recipe - Deep Dark Chocolate Cake
Recipe - Rainbow Colored Sugar and Color Pallette
Recipe - Quilt Cake (Nine Patch Quilt Cake)

DVD Table of Contents
Section Segments
1. Introduction
  • Why Bake
  • Community Service Activities
  • Baking Resources
2. Getting Started
  • Tips for baking with children
  • "The Thrill of Skill: Age Appropriate Kitchen Tasks"
  • Basics to success: "mise en place" and more
  • Equipment Essentials
  • Oven safety and use
  • No-kitchen baking for classrooms, camps, clubs
  • Easy clean-up and safety
  • Baking sanitation
  • How to wash hands demonstrated
  • Surface sanitizer
3. Bakeware
  • Types of bakeware
  • Product browning
  • No-stick baking pan treatments
  • Care of pans
  • Use of pan sprays, parchment, silicone liner
  • Selecting pans; essentials
  • Par-baked pizza crust
  • Oven tips for success
  • No-oven baking; table-top appliances
  • Electric cord safety demonstrated
4. Baking, Cooling, Storing
  • Baking safety tips
  • How to prevent product sticking
  • Preheating oven
  • Portioning batter in pans demonstrated
  • Doneness tests demonstrated
  • Cooling baked goods
  • Wrapping and storage of baked goods
5. Chemical Leavening
  • History of chemical leavening, "lifters"
  • Baking soda
  • Baking powder
  • Cream of tartar
  • Baking soda and baking powder not equal
  • Leavener differences - "kitchen wizardry" demonstrated
  • "Double Acting" baking powder discussed
  • High altitude leavening adjustments
  • Self-Rising flour
  • Baking mixes
  • Quick and Easy Cherry Cobbler demonstrated
6. Chocolate
  • Origin of cacao (cocoa/chocolate)
  • Baking chocolate
  • Unsweetened baking chocolate - cocoa: natural Dutch processed; chocolate
  • Chocolate beverages
  • Sweetened baking chocolate: dark, semi-sweet, milk
  • "White Chocolate"
  • "Bloom"
  • Storing chocolate
  • Melting chocolate: microwave demonstrated
  • Melting chocolate: stove-top methods demonstrated
  • Seized chocolate: how it happens, what to do
  • Service learning projects
  • Dipping chocolate demonstrated
7. Designer Baking
  • Jump-start baking with mixes
  • Children's "book and bake" activities
  • Designer pancakes
  • Pancake mixing method demonstrated
  • Conditioning (moistening) dried fruit
  • Pancake preparation pointers
  • "Made by Me for You," gift ideas
  • Service learning for bakers
8. Eggs
  • Baking functions of eggs
  • Eggs sizes; what to use in baking
  • Storing eggs
  • removing eggs from the shell demonstrated
  • Separating egg yolks and whites demonstrated
  • Beating egg yolks demonstrated
  • "Thick, lemon-colored" beaten yolks shown
  • "Ribboning"demonstrated
  • Beating egg whites demonstrated
  • three stages of beaten egg whites shown
  • Stage 1: "Foamy" egg whites; adding sugar, cream of tartar, vinegar, demonstrated
  • Stage 2: "Soft peaks" demonstrated
  • Stage 3: "Stiff peaks" demonstrated
  • Beating whites too long
  • "Folding" ingredients into beaten whites demonstrated
  • Mini-chocolate chip meringue cookies demonstrated
  • Egg glaze (egg wash) demonstrated
9. Fats
  • Baking fats: vegetable oil, shortening, butter, margarine
  • Spreads and baking
  • Functions of fat in baking to "shorten" discussed
  • Measuring fats demonstrated
  • Fat temperatures
  • "Cutting in" fat demonstrated
  • "Creaming" fats discussed (demonstrated, Sugar segment)
  • Softening fats demonstrated
10. Flours
  • Flour in history and civilization
  • Variety of grains for baking
  • Rolled grains
  • Granola for classrooms, camps, clubs
  • Wheat flours, enriched, whole wheat, all-purpose, bread, cake, pastry
  • Gluten (also discussed in liquides segment)
  • Use of whole wheat flour
  • Une of non-wheat flours in baking
  • Measuring flour: stir, spoon and level method demonstrated
  • Sifting flour discussed
  • Weighing flour
  • Blending dry ingredients demonstrated
  • Baking mixes
11. Liquids
  • Liquids used in baking
  • Buttermilk substitute
  • Juices, yogurt, sour cream, silken tofu
  • Shelf-stable milk for camps, clubs, classroom baking
  • Fruits and vegetables as a portion of the liquids
  • Measureing liquids
  • Measuring fruits and vegetables
  • Functions of liquids in baking
  • Liquids and gluten development
  • Muffin mixing and portioning demonstrated
  • Mixing yeast breads demonstrated
12. Salt
  • Salts used in baking
  • Table salt-iodized and non-iodized salt
  • Kosher coarse salt
  • Lite and salt substitutes use guidelines
  • Function of salt in baking
  • Soft pretzels demonstrated
  • Egg glaze or wash demonstrated
13. Sugars
  • Taste preference for sweets
  • Fructose, lactose, sucrose discussed
  • Baking sugars: granulated, powdered
  • Measuring honey demonstrated
  • Measuring granulated and brown sugars demonstrated
  • Functions of sugar in baking
  • "Creaming" sugar and fat demonstrated
  • Colored sugars demonstrated
  • Drizzle frosting demonstrated
14. Yeast
  • Yeast in history
  • Friendly temperatures
  • Dissolving (proofing) active dry yeast demonstrated
  • Fast-rising or "instant" yeast mixing demonstrated
  • Termperatures of liquids
  • Scaling milk
  • Mixng bread dough demonstrated
  • Kneading bread dough demonstrated
  • Gluten window stretch test demonstrated
  • Fermentation of bread dough
  • Two-day yeast dough methods
  • Freezing yeast dough
  • Refrigerating yeast dough
  • Fast-rise method
  • When to "punch down"? Punching bread dough demonstrated
  • Bench time or "resting" yeast dough
  • Shaping pan loaves demonstrated
  • Shaping round loaves demonstrated
  • Proofing loaves
  • Preheating oven and baking loaf bread
  • Tests for doneness
  • Cooling, wrapping and storage to reduce staling


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