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Even when you don’t have a kitchen or oven, all ages can build food skills, math, literacy and ingredient science! The Portable Kitchen features a blue print to compile your own Portable Kitchen crates and table-top food lessons and activities for all ages.

Find many more in A Baker’s Dozen Baking Lab Manual.

Covering the general practice of baking, these resources will help you with everything from learning how to wash your hands, to identifying
age-specific kitchen tasks.
Offering a diverse collection of educational resources in the form of lesson plans, fun activities, and age-specific recipes. We offer access to baking help lines, baking products suited to make your life a little easier, as well as information about nutrition and wellness.

Basic Skills Checklist

Thrill of the Skill

Safe Kitchen Checklist

Pita Pocket Bread

Great Grains Granola

Pumpkin Pancakes

Chocolate Waffles

Bring Food to Life

Food Label Wiz

Fight Bac!

  Portable Kitchen

See how,using three crates, Boys & Girls Clubs of Manhattan and Home Baking Association partner with 6 to 18 kids to offer food, consumer and culinary sciences for home and work. Review the blueprint for what’s in all three crates.

Teach and apply Safe Kitchen and Fight Bac!
Plan food activities with Bring Food to Life form

Learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs! 



BGC of Manhattan uses their Great Grains Granola to save food $$ and practice “Healthy Habits” by making DIY Parfaits. 9 to 12 year olds learn knife skills, what a serving is and how to use “net weight” on the food label.

Food Label Wiz resource

  Marlatt Gym Pancakes

9 to 12 year olds and the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan show how to make Pumpkin Pancakes in their school gymn! Check off all the Safe Kitchen steps used, Learn how many pancakes are a serving and how to flip a pancake. Learn more about baking powder

Baking Powder Video
Pumpkin Power Book and Bake

Making Pancakes

Sean, Boys & Girls Clubs of Manhattan and Sharon, Home Baking Association teach 6 to 8 year olds why Pumpkin Pancakes contain all the ChooseMyPlate food groups, how to measure and work teams to follow directions.

Link: ChooseMyPlate.gov
       Pumpkin Pancakes


DIY Granola is perfect for all ages in classrooms, camps, clubs. 
Build core math skills, (measuring skills, label comparisons, saving $$) consumer science (what’s a whole grain), literacy and team building.
View Thrill of Skill to get started;
Work together on Measure UP! worksheet (Found in the Baking Lab Manual) Check off skills used on your Baking Skills Check List.

Making Flat Breads

Tummy-driven teens in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manhattan and HBA learn basics of yeast breads on their classroom desk tops.
Baked on griddles, teens apply knife skills, sauté veggies to build nutritious wraps. Leaders teach history and science with Wraps!

Yeast Experiments

Temperatures for Yeast Bread Production