How to Bake A Loaf of Bread

How to Bake A Loaf of Bread

How to Bake A Loaf of Bread

Bread has been a staple food in our Western diets for many thousands of years. The baked dish is formed by combining water, flour, yeast, and salt… it sounds simple for sure, but you’d be surprised how few adults can claim to have baked bread themselves. That is until now. Google trends during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic point to a surge in people searching online for help baking bread at home.

Are you self-quarantined or sheltering in place? Food delivery services are becoming less and less dependable as many hundreds of thousands of workers are staying home, unable to rely on a quick trip to the grocery store to stock the kitchen.

Home Baking Association has got you covered. For many years we have been a valuable resource for educators, parents, community service volunteers, scratch-bakers and anyone else interested in baking. We love sharing baking with others.

Please feel free to browse our website for informative step-by-step tutorials, delicious recipes, and activities to entertain your kids.

Baking Bread

Our friends at King Arthur Flour are sharing how to bake bread with your kids! Amy Driscoll is here from the Bake For Good program to teach you to make your very own bread from scratch, using simple ingredients and fun baking methods. Download this fun booklet


Step by step instructions on how to make bread from Red Star Yeast.


Recipes and Resources

Everbody Bakes Bread: This Book and Bake lesson plan includes lots of fun information about baking bread, plus has great recipes for tortilla, pita pocket bread, and pilgrim bread.

You’ve Got Flour: Our recent blog post with lots of resources about baking bread for beginners, including a fun recipe for homemade breadsticks.

Bread Recipes: Check out our recipe database for instructions on how to make the perfect load of bread… at home!

The Butter Book: The Butter Book is brought to you by the founders of the French Pastry School and features world-renowned chefs and baking experts. The Butter Book site available to all, worldwide, for free with a no-strings-attached 60-day trial offer. This will allow everyone to try, to enjoy and to share. 

Baking with Friends: Check out this 100% Whole Grain Bread recipe from the children’s cookbook, Baking with Friends.

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