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Kent Symms

Farmer Direct Foods

HBA, President

Vision Statement
Grow the practice of home baking.

Mission Statement
Promote home baking by providing tools and knowledge to perpetuate generations of home bakers.

Target Audience

Home Baking Educators

Family and consumer sciences teachers in middle and senior
high schools

Family and consumer sciences extension educators

After-school and community youth program educators

Education trade media

Anyone who teaches home baking

Marketing Objective

Increase the frequency of home baking.

The Home Baking Association’s (HBA) vision, to “Grow the Practice of Home Baking,” is the central guide and focus of all HBA activities. Association staff and members “advocate for increased home baking by providing the tools and knowledge to perpetuate generations of home bakers.”

The practical leveraged approach of “Teach the Teachers” is the strategy of HBA activity. HBA exists to train, enable and equip Family and Consumer Sciences, educators, 4-H adult and Jr. Leaders, Scout leaders, Boys & Girls club staff, parents and grands as first educators, and food and family media Communicators to extend to others the nutritional and emotional satisfaction that
baking provides.

In 2013 as in previous years, HBA manifests a robust, ambitious program. Highlights follow with more details in other parts of this Annual Report.

Electronic communication and resources play a more prominent role. In 2013, HomeBaking.org received an all-time record number of visitors! HBA’s monthly e-mail newsletter subscription list now serves over 17,000 baking educators.

New ground was broken for HBA this spring when our Association teamed up with one of its members, to have HBA staff professional Sharon Davis present a webinar on “Baking Substitution Science.” The response was so overwhelming that the webinar was repeated a second time to let more interested bakers participate.

Home Baking Association’s new Writer’s Guild partnership with Reedy Press developed a series of twenty-seven “Breadhead Minutes” with author Fr. Dominic, Franciscan Monk and PBS-TV baker. The series offers our educators how-to- video clips on everything from ingredient basics to shaping dough. Each and every segment mentions HomeBaking.org. All are available for downloading from the web-site and have been offered to 340 PBS stations.

HBA continues to work with traditional media, providing a new Baking 101 CD covering a wide variety of basic baking techniques, new Baking Science or Lab Lessons and four
Baking Guide Cards.

Baking With Friends, the multiple national award winning children’s cookbook for young bakers of all ages, written by Sharon Davis and Charlene Patton became the intellectual property of the Home Baking Association with exciting 2014 plans to maximize its use and distribution.

The HBA members are delighted to again award baking educators whose submitted lesson/project plans are judged most creative and effective by a committee of HBA member representatives. Sharing their plans provides “tried and true” resources welcomed by educators everywhere.

Partnerships with HBA members and clients have become a powerful asset for baking education and promotion. HBA staff and members meeting face-to-face to plan and implement resources for educators via exhibits and workshops is a vital part of the credibility of our non-profit program. The Association appreciates the member support and dedication to food and culinary educators.

We do all this and reach upwards of a million baker/educators who in turn reach tens of millions! And, we do all of this in first class manner and with only a small budget.

HBA’s efficiency and great effectiveness are in large part due to the diligent and professional work delivered by our highly competent and talented staff. Both Sharon Davis and Charlene Patton are educated and experienced as Family and Consumer Sciences professionals, providing their expertise in education, foods, nutrition and business.

Special thanks to HBA member volunteers, who serve as committee and board members, extending the reach of HBA via on-line links, assisting in HBA meetings, presentations, exhibits and sharing knowledge of our collective resources.

The non-profit collaboration makes HBA’s success possible! The remarkably effective work of HBA and the spreading of its great story by its members have allowed the HBA to maintain and increase its membership over the last several years.

Steady and growing membership has kept HBA financially solid and allowed the program to grow. Maintaining members can be a challenge in an environment of consolidation and mergers, where two members suddenly become one, but with members sharing the news of HBA’s effectiveness inside their own companies and throughout their industries, I believe HBA can continue to flourish and educate more generations of bakers!

Kent Symns, President
Farmer Direct Foods, Inc.