About Bake to Give: Maddie Kruse Youth Award-Winner Noah Rabinowitz

About Bake to Give: Maddie Kruse Youth Award-Winner Noah Rabinowitz

About Bake to Give: Maddie Kruse Youth Award-Winner Noah Rabinowitz

Teenagers have the potential to make a significant positive impact in their communities, and baking offers a unique and fun way of doing so. New York sophomore Noah Rabinowitz exemplifies this through his exciting program, “Noah’s Community Cakes,” for which he has been awarded the prestigious Bake to Give: Maddie Kruse Youth Award from the Home Baking Association in recognition of his contributions.

Noah’s social experiment began with a profound goal during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays: to bake and donate 100 cakes to Mercy Soup Kitchen, a local organization that provides free lunches Monday through Friday. Fueled by his passion for baking and a desire to give back, Noah exceeded this goal with the support of the One World Youth Club’s fundraising efforts. Now, he’s set his sights even higher, aiming to donate an impressive 1,000 cakes by his 18th birthday.

As a high school student, Noah understands the challenges that busy teens face when it comes to contributing to their community. Juggling academics, sports, and extracurricular activities often leaves little time for community service. This is where Noah’s program shines. It empowers teenagers to multitask effectively, allowing them to complete homework and study while making a meaningful contribution by baking cakes.

Image provided by Noah Rabinowitz

Noah’s Community Cakes is not only a delightful way to satisfy sweet cravings but also a heartwarming example of how young individuals can make a difference in the lives of those who face economic challenges. Noah’s dedication to his community and his innovative approach to community service serve as an inspiration to us all. With each cake he bakes, Noah is spreading not only the joy of a delicious treat but also the spirit of giving and compassion.

Prioritization is key when planning impactful projects like Noah’s Community Cakes. Noah says, “I mainly bake during the weekends, and I study while the cakes are in the oven. In my free time, I hang out with my friends. I play video games sometimes, but I don’t really have enough time. In the future, I want to be an entrepreneur like my dad and grandpa.”

Photo provided by Noah Rabinowitz

Teenagers everywhere can take inspiration from Noah’s example. By combining their passion for baking with a desire to help others, they can create meaningful change in their communities. Baking offers a fun, creative, and delicious way to make a positive impact, and Noah’s story is a perfect illustration of how one person’s efforts can inspire a wave of generosity and kindness. To learn more about Noah’s program, please visit: www.noahscommunitycakes.com.

The Home Baking Association, ADM Milling Company, and the Maddie Kruse Family have partnered to present the youth educator award, Bake to Give – The Maddie Kruse Youth Award. Bringing attention to youth bakers who are actively making a difference in their communities, the award aims to inspire others to do the same. Maddie Kruse was a smart, fun loving, kindhearted and crafty sixteen-year-old whose life was needlessly cut short by a drunk driver.

Maddie was passionate about baking and sharing because baking benefits communities large or small, local and beyond. Baking to give makes communities stronger, benefits local needs, and can raise funds to help support others. Maddie’s contagious smile and zest for life is irreplaceable. Help us celebrate baking and honor the legacy of a young baker whose life is inspiring others to make a difference. Learn more about Maddie here

Entry Deadline: May 1st, 2025

What to Enter? Submit a one page description of how you shared baking in your community and made a difference. Provide pictures, videos, recipes and other materials that show an impact in your community.

Need ideas? Check out our Bake to Give resources

Who’s Eligible? Youths in grades 7th through 12th are invited to submit an entry for this award.

Where to Apply? Use the submission form, or fill out the submission form online and mail entry materials to:

Home Baking Association
Executive Director – Chris Kirby
PO Box 720963
Oklahoma City, OK 73172

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