Tips for Amazing Summer Gatherings

Tips for Amazing Summer Gatherings

Tips for Amazing Summer Gatherings

Summer is the perfect time for gathering with family and friends, enjoying the warm weather, and sharing delicious meals. At the Home Baking Association, we believe that every summer gathering can be elevated with some homemade baked treats. Here are some tips to ensure your summer entertaining is a hit:

Plan Ahead

Decide on your menu well in advance. Include a variety of baked goods that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Many baked items can be prepared ahead of time. Dough for cookies or pastries can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Avoid baking during the hottest part of the day. Early morning or late evening baking can help keep your kitchen cooler. If you have access to an outdoor oven or grill, consider using it to bake pizzas, flatbreads, or even desserts. Check out our July Baking Calendar for recipe ideas, you’ll thank us later!

Make the Most of the Season

Utilize the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available in summer. Berries, peaches, and zucchini can be great additions to your baking. Make sure you consider recipes that are light and refreshing – nothing is worse than feeling heavy and full when it’s hot out. Lemon bars, fruit tarts, and angel food cakes are perfect dishes for warm weather.

Use fresh herbs, edible flowers, and colorful fruits to decorate your baked goods. They add visual appeal and a touch of elegance, and your friends and family will be impressed you went the extra mile.

Do Something Unexpected

Speaking of going the extra mile, doing something unexpected always makes a lasting impression. Chef Martin Earl at ThermoWorks suggests making your own burger buns for your next cookout. He says, “It needs to handle a good burger, i.e. one that is juicy. It should also be able to handle any toppings, from mayo to ketchup to tomatoes and pickles.” He goes on to state that no one wants a bun that disintegrates before you finish eating. The finished product should be soft enough that you can take big bites comfortably. Read all about making homemade burger buns at ThermoWorks.

Practice Safe Food Handling and Baking Techniques

Keep perishable baked goods, especially those with dairy or eggs, refrigerated until ready to serve. If you’re entertaining outside, keep food covered to protect it from insects and the sun. And be sure to check out our Baking Food Safety handout.

By following these tips, your summer gatherings will not only be delicious but also memorable. By planning ahead, you can outline everything that needs to be done, which helps in executing tasks smoothly and efficiently. This reduces last-minute scrambling and ensures you can enjoy spending more time with your guests.

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