Mealtime Solutions: Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

Places at your fingertips to go for more…more baking ingredient knowledge, food history, nutrition, ingredient and product guidance, techniques, baking education and online resources.

Terms and Techniques to Know – Check out the Glossary entries for these important terms:

Danger Zone, Dry Ingredients, FIFO, Freezer Burn, Humidity, Pantry, Rancid, Stale and more…

Food Storage Guide – North Dakota State University website publication provides handling tips and recommendations for storing food in your cupboards, refrigerator or freezer.

Baking Help Lines and Blogs

Anchor Hocking

C&H Sugar P: 1-800-773-1803

Domino Sugar P: 1-800-729-4840

Grain Talk Blog

Great American Bake Sale

Heckers and Ceresota P: 866-866-8627

Jiffy Baking Mix P: 1-800-727-2460

Kansas Wheat Commission P: 1-866-759-4328

King Arthur Baking and support Blog

North American Millers Association

North Dakota Wheat Commission

Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Panhandle Milling P: 844-215-8546

Red Star and LeSaffre Yeast P: 1-800-445-4746 Email: Carol.Stevens@lsaf.com

South Dakota Wheat Commission

Sugar Association

Texas Wheat Commission and for Educators


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