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Home Baking Association (HBA) was founded in 1923 and has served a vital role in advancing the practice of this important life skill. HBA provides resources, tools, and information to both educators and consumers, aiming to encourage the practice of baking at home and the classroom to equip individuals with the foundational basics of baking. HBA collaborates with educators, industry professionals, and organizations to advocate for the benefits of home baking and to support its continued practice across the nation.

Gain access to our network of 8.7 million educators and the consumers they influence by joining the Home Baking Association today. Investing in membership grants industry professionals access to our extensive educational network and lays the groundwork for reaching future consumers. Teaching children and students to bake equips them with practical skills and nurtures their development as lifelong bakers. Therefore, your partnership with us is not just an investment in the present, it’s a strategic move to secure a loyal customer base and potential employees for years to come. Join the Home Baking Association and let’s bake a brighter future together.

“Teaching kids how to feed themselves, and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.” – Julia Child

Key Strategies

-Identifty, develop and support home baking educators.

-Extend home baking education materials to classroom, home and community youth educators.

-Maximize resources to further the reach of the Home Baking Association.

-Leverage existing member materials.

-Promote the many benefits of home baking.

-Teach how to bake at home and in the classroom.

-Advocate year-round baking.

Member Benefits

-National exposure of member product categories. 

-Access to home baking marketing, education and consumer trends. 

-Networking with professionals engaged in promoting home baking into the next century. 

-Opportunities to participate in exhibit and speaking platforms at national conferences of key audiences. 

-Networking with other members that prioritize baking. 

-Visibility through Home Baking Association literature, educational materials, exhibits and speaking platforms. 

-Expanded publicity opportunities with key trade and consumer publications.

The Home Baking Association is a non-profit corporation. Members are persons, firms or corporations, trade or non-profit associations engaged directly or indirectly in promoting scratch baking.

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