Getting Started

Covering the general practice of baking, these resources will help you with everything from learning how to wash your hands, to identifying age-specific kitchen tasks.

At Home

If you can coach, camp, read, or program your phone, you can teach kids to cook and bake. The home kitchen truly is one of the best places to introduce kids to baking. On this page you will find a series of resources called Book & Bake, as well as our program called Bake for Family Fun.

Classroom, Afterschool & Clubs

Offering a diverse collection of educational resources in the form of lesson plans, fun activities, and age-specific recipes.

Baking Activities (STEAM)

Activities that enforce STEAM, Baking food safety best practices, project time management, problem solving and creativity, visualization and communication, reading comprehension and application, and much more.

Play Clay Dough

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