HBA President’s Message

Erik Wall, President
Home Baking Association

As we near the completion of the 2019 Home Baking Association fiscal year, I would like to thank all of our member companies, associations and organizations for their support. HBA is only as
strong as our members, and through working together, with great ideas, knowledge, and input, we better achieve our mission to “advocate for increased home baking.”

This year, we introduced our new website, and besides looking fantastic, it’s design better serves handheld devices and access to baking information. Thanks to HBA staff, the website committee, Nick Beatty, our webmaster and Kimberly Fields, for their hard work and dedication to make our new site a reality.

Member companies provided support to conduct a second Mintel
Home Baking Consumer Survey that will assist both members and
HBA with program strategies—another HBA membership benefit.
Keeping safe baking practices at the forefront of our message
to educators and bakers is an essential part of advocating more
baking in the home, communities and classrooms. HBA’s continuing
education provides the latest Baking Food Safety guides, videos, and
resources online here.

This annual report summarizes how staff researches, plans and
conducts baking education at national and state events and
promotes baking through the monthly e-newsletters and blogs to
“anyone who teaches or fosters baking.”

In closing, I also want to thank our dedicated staff of Charlene Patton
and Sharon Davis. The passion and knowledge of our two staff
members is absolutely the reason the HBA does such a wonderful
job year after year. Thanks also to my fellow officers and our board
members for taking the time from your regular jobs to guide the
HBA and make it what it is.

If you are an educator, non-member company, or a baking or foods
writer wanting more information on how you can become involved
in the HBA, visit our website or contact our staff.

Happy Baking!

Eric Wall, HBA President
Grain Craft
Director of Sales

For additional information, contact:

Home Baking Association
2931 SW Gainsboro Road
Topeka, KS 66614-4413
(T) 785-478-3283
(F) 785-478-3024
E-mail: hbapatton@aol.com

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