Bake for Family Fun 2020

The Home Baking Association (HBA) has designated February as “Bake for Family Fun Month” and has resources, recipes and activities to help families get started!

Celebrate Bake for Family Fun Month every February when families and educators across the country engage in activities that foster a love of baking!

Week One of Bake for Family Fun Month is all about the basics of baking. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, it’s never a bad idea to review the building blocks of baking… some of the best ideas come when you start from scratch.

Use the following resources to give you a HEAD START!

Baking Food Safety 101Ten Tips for Baking Success
Thrill of SkillFood Skills Checklist
Safe Kitchen ChecklistMeasure Up
Baker’s Dozen LabsBaking w/ Whole Wheat Flour 101

The Bake For Family Fun Webinar is co-hosted with NEAFCS by partner Home Baking Association. The month is dedicated to baking’s 2020 benefits to individuals and families. These include building real time communication while producing a delicious food for the family or others. “Adulting” food skills can be shared between generations along with new or old traditions. Receive dozens of downloadable ready-to-teach or share baking resources for food safety, how-to-bake, community service and school enrichment.

FEATURED RECIPE: Tradition is great, but there’s always room for trying something new… even when it comes to pancakes! Try this fun recipe for Sausage Pancake Dippers with your family, it will definitely be a hit!


“Baking teaches more than just what ingredients go into making food. It also teaches about math, science, reading and more!”

The Kitchen as the Classroom

Want more great recipe content for Week 1 of Bake For Family Fun Month? Check out these recipes!

Love and friendship is in the air during week two of Bake for Family Fun Month! Let’s celebrate the ones you love by baking up something special. These recipes and activities will help get you started. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

FEATURED RECIPE: These Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Sugar Cookies are remarkable, and will be sure to start a new family tradition.  The secret ingredient will surprise you! They are slightly tart and tangy with just the right balance of strawberry flavor and simple to dip in the chocolate frosting.  Kids will love decorating them and sharing them with those they love!


Easy As Pie Book and Bake! Develop literacy skills by reading and following directions with this lesson plan developed by the Home Baking Association. You’ll find excellent opportunities to connect with historical characters, develop eye-hand coordination, build family relationships and community, and encourage a DIY attitude!

Want more great recipe content for Week 2 of Bake For Family Fun Month? Check out these recipes!

FEATURED RECIPE: These Cinnamon Rolls are not only delicious, they are quick and easy with only one rise. Cinnamon Rolls have been a mainstay in kitchens across the country for many years, earning a place at our breakfast tables and in our hearts!

FEATURED BAKING ACTIVITY/LESSON: Check out this Farm to Table Coloring Book suggested for ages 4-10. You’ll find out where real sugar comes from as you follow along with the characters Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane.

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FEATURED RECIPE: These Marshmallow Snowman Blondie Bites are perfect to share! How about as a bake sale surprise? They are tiny and adorable, and will make anyone squeal with delight!

FEATURED BAKING ACTIVITY/LESSON: Giving a home-baked gift is a great way to show someone you care! Put this week’s theme into action and learn how much fun baking for others can me. Get ready for Bake and Take Month!

Want more great recipe content for Week 4 of Bake For Family Fun Month? Check out these recipes!

Baking Tips, Techniques & History from HBA Members

Types of Flour – A Reference Guide for Home Bakers

ADM Milling – Farm Family Profile

Meet the Growers

A Cookie Jar Full of Baking Tips

How to Make A Glaze

Bread Shaping Guide

White Whole Wheat Flour Guide

Sugar 101 – Types of Sugar

Sugar History – Timeline Begins 8,000 BCE!

North Dakota Mill – A State-Owned Milling Operation

What Are Cereal Grains?

What About Packaging?

Types of Wheat

Check Out These Great Resources

Free Gift Tags

Baking Certificate

Grades 3-5: Story of Wheat Activity Book

Cooking Matters: Family Nutrition Education Program

High Altitude Baking

Free Recipe Books from HBA Members

National Festival of Breads Cookbook

Best of Oklahoma Recipe Book

Jiffy Mixes Recipe Book

Goodness! It’s Whole Grain

Cooking with Gourmet Grains

Baking Resources 2020

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