Bake for Family Fun Recipes

Supreme Soft Sugar Cookies – There are countless holidays, parties, and events that people adore adding sugar cookies to the menu. They can be simple with rainbow sprinkles or decorated with edible pearls and gold. Enjoy this simple home baker’s recipe that never fails to bring a smile to everyone who tries them.

Homemade Cherry Pie Nothing says AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL like a homemade cherry pie, fresh from the oven. This recipe was provided by Hopkinsville Milling, originating from Janis Haydel.

Cheese Puffs – A gougère in French cuisine, is a baked savory pate choux pastry made of choux dough mixed with cheese. These tasty little treats are perfect for cocktails or a savory snack.

Gemma’s Best Ever Irish Scones – With a lightly sweet crust and densely moist center, my Best Ever Irish Scones are a tried and true classic. Take it from an Irishwoman and chef… Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking.

Texas Wheat Tortillas –  Tortillas are one of the oldest, continually produced quick breads in human history. This delicious and versatile dish is prepared in homes all over the world, but predominantly in Hispanic and latin American countries.

Easy As Pie Chicken Pot Pie – Chock-full of chicken, peas, carrots, and down home goodness, this family favorite makes a large 9-inch golden brown pie that’s as much tasty as it is budget friendly and easy to make.

100% Whole Wheat Bread – Who says whole wheat bread has to be dense, dry, and tasteless? This 100% whole wheat recipe features the delightfully nutty taste of wheat in a fine-grained, moist, faintly sweet loaf.

Al’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread – Check consistency of the dough after 5 minutes of mixing. The dough should form a soft ball around the kneading blade.

Check out this collection of recipes that are fun to bake with kiddos! They’ll enjoy rolling out the dough, spending time with you, and enjoying every last bite of what you bake together.

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