Celebrations Take Cake

On this page you will find Celebrations Take Cake, Home Baking Association live forum resources.  The forum was held April 6th, 2022 and featured Chef Eleonora Lahud. Chef Eleonora provided techniques for success with icings, buttercreams and meringues.  In addition, Elizabeth Hagan introduced the 2021 HBA Educator Award lesson Bearthday Cakes Around the World.

Celebrations Take Cake Resources

Official Cake Forum Resource Guide

Includes Chef Eleonora’s reference Recipes, reference materials about flour and sugar, how-to sweetener guides, information about baking in glass, and so much more!

Chef Eleonora Presentation (PDF)

Elizabeth Hagan and Sharon Davis Presentations (PDF)

Bearthday Celebrations Lesson Plan

Bearthday Celebrations Worksheet and Recipes Handout

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