Country Fruit Cobbler

Cobblers are a simple American dessert with many variations. The batter may be a cake, biscuit or dumpling or pie pastry placed on top or beneath the fruit. Fruits vary, depending upon the availability.

You’ve probably heard these delicious desserts called by all sorts of different names including pandowdy, crisp, croustade and bird’s nest pudding.  They are all similar variations on a basic theme of fresh fruit and berries combined with some kind of batter.  

Throughout history we have seen this dish served at breakfast and as a mid-afternoon snack. These days, most people think of Country Fruit Cobbler primarily as a dessert… but you can eat it whenever you like!

Additional Resources from Baking with Friends

We’ve got an excellent resource for youngsters to learn baking from home, and making waffles is a great way to start! Dragonfly Bakers and Bumble Bee Spice Specialists will generate excitement for children learning to bake in our colorful children’s cookbook, Baking with Friends.

Teachers, parents, youth leaders and mentors will find educational resources abound. A valuable resource to teach kids self-sufficiency in the kitchen while inviting questions and providing answers through this new learning tool! Everyone will share in the tasty success of learning to bake! Includes 60 minute CD.

Sample Page – Baking Certificate

Sample Page – Measurement Guide

Sample Page – Ten Tips for Baking Success

Sample Page – Thrill of Skill

Sample Page – Baking Literature Reading List

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