Home Baking Society

The Home Baking Society is hosted by the national non-profit  Home Baking Association and is a collaborative community-building experiment to bring avid home bakers and educators together who wish to share their own expertise as well as further develop their knowledge of baking. 

We ask members who join to actively participate in the society’s conversation by posting baking questions, interest surveys, and insights to questions from other members. Feel free to share informative articles, resources and recipes including source credits that you find interesting and know to be credible information. HBA staff and members will collaborate with the society as well so the Home Baking Society will be comprised of professionals from a broad spectrum of the baking industry, education, heath and fitness. These perspectives help us delve deeper into our love of baking, and help others in the process.

Download a membership form, or enroll online! There is a $100 annual enrollment fee to the Home Baking Society private Facebook Group.

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