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Newly Updated – A Baker’s Dozen Labs digital & printed manual provides 242 pages of teaching material! Thirteen labs with first, intermediate and advanced culinary baking formulas and lessons.   Includes 32+ copy-ready resources and worksheets Appendix and an online Bakers Glossary that is continually updated at homebaking.org.  Classroom-tested labs teach over 35 National FCS Standards plus core history, math, science, literacy and wellness goals.  Each Baker’s Dozen Lab provides scientific experiments, baking labs with dual volume and weight recipes, computer labs, skills and techniques activities, and consumer and baking math.

This is a must have resource to teach baking, foods or culinary in the classroom, virtual classroom and community program!  Lab Manual Table of Contents/FCS Standards list & one free lab to get you started!

Table of Contents & FCS Standards Achieved in the Lab Manual

Why Bake? Lab One

Want More?

USB with 13 labs & Appendix for $100! 

Printed with 13 labs & Appendix for $100

Order both for a special price for $180

Order May 1 through August 31, 2024 and also receive a complimentary Bakers Dozen – Lessons for Better Baking DVD! 

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