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Spending time together in the kitchen is a great experience for friends and family alike, promoting everything from basic understandings of chemistry, to knowing how to properly measure out ingredients to get the desired results. Tactile knowledge is gained as you begin to understand how to sift flour and knead dough. Most importantly, there’s the shared love of family and food that comes across as you build family traditions.

Please use this section of the website to find inspiration for creating a much needed bond with your family. Home Baking Association Mealtime Solutions@the table encourages community to build a history of loving family memories centered in the kitchen.

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Why Dine In? Gain the Benefits

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Kitchen Essential Resources

Mealtime Fun

Meal and Menu Planning Help

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Why Dine In? Gain the Benefits

Since 2014, nearly half a million people have committed to “Dining In” on Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Day!

Better Nutrition for Kids 
It starts in the kitchen! a powerpoint presentation (in PDF format) by Connie Evers for the Home Baking Association

Nutrition in the Kitchen

Family Meal Plan Guide
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) 
@TheTable. Stronger Families One Meal at a Time. Family Meal Plan guide

It Starts in the Kitchen

The Family Dinner Project  Want to Join? The only thing you need to do is share a meal with the people who are closest to you.

Locally Made – Learn how to bake for locally made, carbon reducing benefits.

No Kid Hungry Whether baking is your passion or just a hobby, it’s a way to support No Kid Hungry’s efforts to end childhood hunger in America.

Why Learn to Cook and Bake?

Presentation by Sharon Davis & Charlene Patton of the Home Baking AssociationThrill of the Skill 

Preparing your own food also develops an “active or hands-on lifestyle,”

Getting Started Resources

Baking Food Safety 101

FightBAC! Core Four resources

The Family Dinner Project

The Thrill of Skill (Age-appropriate Kitchen Skill-building)

Food Skills Check-list

Ten Tips for Baking Success

Baking with Kids

Safe Kitchen Checklist 

How To

Home Baking Association Baking Glossary

Cooking sorghum

Cook the Perfect Pasta


Field to Table Food Safety Chain

Pizza Takeout vs Home

Kitchen Essential Resources

Field to Table Food Safety Chain

Mealtime Fun

Conversation Starters

Fun food prep and dinner time games

Dough Sculpting 101 Resources

Meal and Menu Planning Help

Bulk Mix for Whole Grain Pancakes and Waffles

Supermarket Shopping Guide

Cooking Matters, Unit Pricing Tips and Videos

Recipe Categories

National Festival of Breads

Argo Cornstarch

King Arthur Flour

Land O’Lakes


Hodgson Mill

We invite you to check out the Family Dinner Project Dinner Tonight archive

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