Mealtime Solutions: Getting Started

Getting Started

Here we have gathered all the information you need to get started baking safely with your children. Find the tasks right for their skill level. Learn the basics of food safety, especially as it applies to baking. With the right preparation you are ready to have a successful, satisfying and safe experience!

Baking Food Safety – Simple steps, helpful reference info and a complete food safety checklist on this downloadable guide (pdf).

Fight BAC!® The Core Four – Bacteria, of BAC, is an invisible enemy making people sick. But you have the power to Fight BAC!® and reduce the risk of foodborne illness. It’s as easy as following four core practices for food safety.

Thrill of the Skill – Age appropriate kitchen tasks outlined for all ages, from 2 year-olds to teenagers. Learn how to connect baking and cooking to rational education standards in art, science, history and more!

Food Skills Checklist – What can you do? Check the skills you can do and get ready to explore and enjoy the wonder of food and the delicious results!

Ten Tips for Success – From ingredient basics to the ins and outs of the oven, this guide makes baking success as easy as 1-2-3.

Baking with Kids – Inspire your kids and challenge their creativity by getting them involved in the kitchen. On these sweet pages from C&H/Domino Sugar, they’ll learn everything from how to follow directions to understanding measurements and so much more.

Safe Kitchen Checklist – Before you begin cooking and baking, review these rock-solid guidelines to help prevent burns, cuts and more.

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