Mealtime Solutions: How To

How To

Here you will find practical guides and step by step instructions for many meal preparation activities.

Mis en Place – This French expression, meaning everything in its place, is the process of gathering all the ingredients and tools in a recipe before you get started. This ensures you have everything you need so there are no surprises while you work. Our video explains.

Tools, Tips & Techniques – The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has brought together a wealth of information to help you learn everything from knife skills to recipe conversions and ingredient substitutions.

Baking with Yeast – A step by step guide for yeast baking.

Weight vs. Volume Measurement in BakingWhen it comes to measuring ingredients in a baking recipe, weighing is always more accurate yet many recipes are written using volume measurements. Learn about the difference here and learn the proper techniques for each measuring method.

How to Measure Flour – The way MOST sources instruct you to measure flour is by Fluff, Sprinkle and Sweep: fluff up flour in its container, spoon it into your measuring cup and sweep off the excess level with the top of the cup. If your recipe uses weights, weighing the flour on a scale is always the most accurate method. Check your recipe source for how they measured flour in developing their recipes in case they used a different method than linked to here.

Two Ingredient Homemade Pasta – All you need is flour and eggs to make homemade pasta. Make your own noodles and shape using this simple recipe.

Baking with Whole Grains – Convert your favorite recipes to whole grain! Get the tips you need, including which recipes can be substituted part-for-part, which ones might need extra liquid, and which whole grain flours have the sweetest flavor.

Cooking Sorghum – Sorghum can be prepared like other whole grains, on the stovetop, in a slow cooker or with a rice cooker. Check out these cooking tips.

Teaching Resources

The links that follow are intended for those who want to teach how-to concepts and techniques to others. Perfectly suited for FACS teachers and after-school educators.

Measurement Matters Measurement Matters – This video explains the importance of proper measuring in baking. You can also download our presentation on the topic for use in teaching measuring to kids.

Measurement Matters This downloadable worksheet will help you in teaching measuring concepts. Answer key is provided.

Baking Measurements – A 5-minute activity lesson plan for teaching measurements in baking.

Pastry Pizazz – This downloadable lesson plan and video explains how to teach pastry making.

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