Top 5 Tips for Packaging Treats for Bake Sales

To pick the right packaging sometimes you need to go full Goldilocks. Not too big. Not too small. Juuussst right! 

Here are our suggestions to get your baked goods flying off the table and into hungry mouths, while showing off your goodies in all their glory.

  1. Use a rigid container to help protect goodies from unexpected crushing
  1. Packaging with stackable features allow for easy transport and minimizes food waste
  1. Package your treats by serving size to make dishing out a breeze. Psst. We recommend using deli tubs or individual cupcake containers for this
  1. For maximum freshness, make sure to choose an airtight container with a super tight seal
  1. Pick a reusable or plant-based packaging material that is friendlier to the environment

Check out some of our favorite bake sale containers that will help to check all the boxes on your list. And made from rapidly renewable plant-based materials, these containers will be like a special cherry on top of your treats.  

Our individual cupcake container fits cupcakes (or muffins) up to 2″ standard liners and 

enough icing to satisfy a sweet tooth!

This 6-pack mini cupcake container is set to display all the tiny treats you can sell. Fits up to 1.5” mini cupcake liners and a good swirl of icing.

Super stackable multi-purpose containers will let you mix and match treats and keep your bake sale table looking neat as a pin.

For the ultra-organized baker, we recommend the  6-pack treat package. The 1.75” sections are perfect for macaron boxes, but also fits mochi, small pastries, mini donuts, cookie dough, and more.

Got any questions about which container would work best for your next bake sale?

Get in touch by email at info@goodnaturedproducts.com, give us a call at +1 877-286-0617 or check out our website for more options at goodnaturedproducts.com!

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