Baker’s Spotlight: John Kanell Bakes for His Valentine

Baker’s Spotlight: John Kanell Bakes for His Valentine

Baker’s Spotlight: John Kanell Bakes for His Valentine

You may have seen this rising star of a baker on one of his many appearances on high profile shows like Food Network’s Chopped, Good Morning America and the Ellen Degeneres show. That’s an impressive achievement given he was a middle school science and math teacher only a few years ago!

Living on a farm in rural Connecticut with his husband and twin boys, John says his background teaching middle school math and science prepared him for teaching baking, “If I was able to teach algebra to middle school students, then trust me I can teach you how to cook!”

Known for his Youtube channel, The Preppy Kitchen, viewers should know the name has nothing to do with his wardrobe. John says he named his channel such “because I believe helping people be “Prep”-ared in the kitchen allows them to feel confident and ultimately be successful.” Little by little, John helps viewers learn the fundamental building blocks of baking so they will have less anxiety about tackling the recipes they feel passionate about.

Bake for Your Valentine

Just in time for week 2 of Bake for Family Fun Month, John has prepared a selection of Valentine’s Day content on his website where visitors can find sweet and charming recipes that are guaranteed to make their day a bit more special.

We highly suggest you try your hand at making these Red Velvet Cookies. Soft and chewy, and topped with silky cream cheese frosting, these melt-in-your mouth cookies will leave your loved ones seeing hearts and stars… and that’s a good thing!

Photo credit: Preppy Kitchen
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