Baking for Others: Bake and Take

Baking for Others: Bake and Take

Baking for Others: Bake and Take

It’s always a good time to bake for others. Make your Bake and Take action plan for March knowing it’s never been needed more! Let’s aim for 50 MORE years. 

THREE Bake and Take TIPS from HBA

#3:  Bake, freeze, deliver so your customer can enjoynow, or later! 

Kristin Hoffman, Baker Bettie: “I love taking bierocksto friends who have had a baby or who are dealing with something difficult and don’t want to cook. They freeze very well and I always include instructions for how to reheat from frozen when delivering them. I also suggest dropping off a nice mustard for them to eat with the bierocks!  Here is my recipe with step-by-step instructions.

See the note selection in the recipe card for instructions about freezing- unbaked or baked!

#2:  Deliver small portions or individual treats in earth-friendly packagingYou’ll love delivering in the plant-based containers made by goodnatured.com.  Package one roll, cut bars small for a package of six or a stack of six cookies.  Include a favorite beverage. 

#1: Attend our Baking Innovations 2022: Bake and Take – March 10 ZOOM forum, 7:00 to 8:00 PM, EST.  Register early, seats are limited. 

LIVE presentations by Cindy Falk, Kansas Wheat test kitchen director with vintage Bake and Take recipe remakes and Corporate Chef Tess, Stephanie Petersen, Panhandle Milling Co. with her 2022 baking innovations will equip you to deliver for Bake and Take.  Great resources and offers will be available to all participating. 

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