Why We at Kelly’s Choice Go Nuts for Black Walnuts 

Why We at Kelly’s Choice Go Nuts for Black Walnuts 

Why We at Kelly’s Choice Go Nuts for Black Walnuts 

by Olivia Mancabelli, MA- approved by Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN Owner,  Kelly’s Choice

What a rich nutritious find. For years we have been surrounded by a nutritious native nut; the black walnut. Yes, the ones in our yards.  For over 70 years, the Hammons family has been growing and harvesting foraged black walnuts as a family run business out of a small plant in Missouri. About 25 million pounds (yes pounds) of nuts annually produce nutmeats for home and culinary chefs.  Of note-even the shells have industrial uses. 

Learn more about this sustainable power house!

We here at Kelly’s Choice are going nuts over these nuts and here is why. Many of us have never tasted them, and the nutrient profile is not often included with tree nut information. Black walnut nutritional benefits are quite extraordinary. The Black Walnut, when compared to other tree nuts, 

– has more protein and the fewest carbohydrates and starches,

– higher levels of dietary fiber than English walnuts

– is rich in vitamins and minerals, or micronutrients

  • the most vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), essential as a co-enzyme 
  • the highest quantity of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), needed for regulation of the immune and nervous system
  • make up consisting of iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium
  • manganese, a unique mineral acts as a cofactor for many enzymes, aids in proper bone structure, bone metabolism and bone growth

Add to these powerful nutrients, black walnuts heart healthy attributes.  One ounce (1/4 cup chopped black walnuts) contains  2.86 grams omega 3 healthy fats to assist in reducing inflammation, lowering risk of heart disease, and protecting brain development. These heart healthy nuts can work to lower your cholesterol and LDLs levels. Further, black walnuts have antioxidants, like selenium, that remove free radicals from the body and protect the cells. These antioxidants act as a defense against cancer and other chronic diseases. 

Quite the powerful nut, if I say so myself. Whether eating a quick handful between meals to tide me over at work or using Black Walnut protein powder in a smoothie, Hammons Black Walnuts provide me with a nutrition powerhouse of crunchy, nutty, bold snack! 

May we recommend a perfect combo,  Whole Oats Maple Black Walnut Scones. Extra tip? Bite-sized is good for us too!  Cut each of the 8 scone triangles in half to make 16 triangles.  Space widely and bake in about 1/3 the time.  

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