Sugar Resources

Sugar Resources

Sugar Resources

Learn everything there is to know about the history, production and culinary aspects of sugar. The following materials were produced by Family and Consumer Science educators and Home Baking Association members, offering educational resources for every student age group.

Sugar Detectives Lesson Plan

Sugar Detectives Recipe: Yeast Bread

Types of Sugar: Samples and Descriptions

Early Childhood:  Pre-K to 2nd Grade

 Sugar Association Resources Toolkit K-2

  • Where in the US Does Sugar Come From?
  • Farm to Table Coloring Book 
  • One Tooth, Two Teeth
  • Variety’s Mountain

Elementary Age Students

Sugar Association Resources Toolkit Grades 3-6

  • Get to Know Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane
  • Types of Sugar 
  • Where does sugar come from? 
  • Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane Processing 
  • Sugar’s role in food beyond sweetness
  • What is Molasses?

Secondary Age Students

Learn about sugar’s history, how it is naturally made by plants, its impact on the environment, why it is added to foods and more in this STEAM packet designed for grades 7-12, as well as additional resources.

Sugar Association Resources Toolkit Grades 7-12

  • How Well Do You Know Sugar
  • 9 Misunderstandings
  • Types of Sugar
  • Sweeteners you might find in your food
  • What are Added Sugars? Facts about sugar intake
  • Where in the US does Sugar come from? 
  • Sugar Beet Processing
  • Sugar Cane Refining
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