Baker’s Spotlight

There are so many excellent bakers working to make a difference, the Home Baking Association felt it was time to feature some of these talented bakers. Each month we feature several professional or home bakers who offer valuable lessons, tips and resources all of us can benefit from.

This month we feature a few tips from Cindy Falk, nutrition educator with the Kansas Wheat Commission and National Festival of Breads co-chairperson

What’s Your Signature Bread? Cindy Falk shares Portuguese Sweet Bread

Build Hearth Bread Baking STEAM: Mike Leddige

Cookies and Bars for the Holidays: Kathy Jaszewski and Beth Blecher

Apple Pie for All: Marla Prusa

Grandma Cooper’s Basic Pie Crust: Gail Ellis

Mug Muffins: Chillicothe High School Bakers

Charity Bagels: Leo Barnes

Apricot Raisin Hot Cross Buns: Charlene Patton

Carrot Hazelnut Quick Bread: Roberta Duyff

Gluten-free Cornmeal Lemon Cookies: Jana Patton

Chewy Dairy-Free Brownies: Katy Benne

Lithuanian Bacon Buns: Jenny Kalvaitis

Kolache: Linda Larson Valiga

Flat Bread: Connie Nieman

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Browned Butter: Lisa Pluff

Do you have someone you’d like to recommend? Contact the Home Baking Association and we’ll be happy to learn about your baking friend.

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