Baker Bettie Bakes Up Sticky Buns

Baker Bettie Bakes Up Sticky Buns

Baker Bettie Bakes Up Sticky Buns

The Home Baking Association welcomes it’s newest member, “Baker Bettie”  aka Kristin Hoffman.  “Baker Bettie” has been a life saver to so many of HBA’s baking educators with her virtual baking content during the pandemic,” shares Sharon Davis, FCS teacher and HBA Program Director.  “Her Learning Tracks and Workshops at www.BakerBettie.com are great for students and teachers to share and gain culinary baking knowledge and skills.”

Kristin is a trained chef, baking educator, content creator, author and owner of Baker Bettie, LLC.  It is a top priority with her to provide approachable, free baking content focused on techniques and baking science. She makes these available through the Baker Bettie website, YouTube Channel, TikTok, Instagram, her Facebook group, and now our community at the Home Baking Association.

Kristin shares, “I started baking at 19 years old when I first moved out on my own. I had never baked anything in my life. Not even from a box mix. The first thing I baked was the Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies from the back of the bag. I quickly fell in love with learning everything I could about baking science and techniques. It was fascinating that once I understood the “whys” of baking, I could edit recipes to change textures and flavors.”

Check out the recipe for Baker Bettie’s Sticky Buns here!

Baker Bettie’s provides much guidance for her Sticky Buns recipe!  “When I first began baking I was intimidated by yeast because I didn’t really understand how yeast worked.  Now, yeast bread is not only one of my favorite things to bake but also one of my favorite things to teach. I love breaking it down for others.”

Kristin shares her Pecan Sticky Buns step-by-step in a video tutorial

“Sweet rolls are a great place to start because the dough is very forgiving. Even if they aren’t shaped perfectly they will taste amazing! That’s the most important part.”

Baker Bettie’s Pecan Caramel Sticky Bun TIPS:

 TIP #1: Kneading bread dough:When kneading by hand, focus your pressure on going across the dough rather than down into the table. This reduces how much the dough sticks to the counter and as a result, how much flour you work into your dough when kneading. Use only enough bench flour to make your dough manageable.

You want the dough to still feel moist and slightly sticky when you are finished kneading.

TIP #2:  “I love making cinnamon rolls or sticky buns the day before and bake them the next day- fresh-baked for breakfast or brunch!”Cover the rolls with oiled/sprayed food plastic and put them in the refrigerator after shaping.

Take them out about an hour before baking; heat oven and bake.

“Baked goods like these sticky buns bring great memories- at home, or in communities.  Many have nostalgia for their grandmother’s pie or their mother’s blueberry muffins. Don’t let those recipes escape!  If family recipes have been lost,  or you’re “starting from scratch” to learn to bake,  you can find well-researched baking favorites at HomeBaking.org and at Baker Bettie’s web-site www.BakerBettie.com , social media and in her new cookbook! 

Finally Kristin encourages you to “bake and take!”  Sharing baked goods with those you love brings a sense of connection and only enhances our memories with them.   

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