Bake and Take Everyday!

Bake and Take Everyday!

Bake and Take Everyday!

Everyday is a good day to “bake and take.”  You’ll love Kansas Wheat test kitchen vintage Bake and Take Month recipe re-makes, Chef Tess’s innovations for baking creations, delivery labels and earth-friendly packaging options.  There’s something for everyone– you’ll find just what you need at HomeBaking.org

Learn more about the history of this community-driven event and trend with the  recorded HBA Baking Innovations Bake and Take ZOOM Forum with Cindy Falk and Chef Stephanie Petersen

Don’t miss the Bake and Take Resource guide linked with Cindy’s vintage recipe re-makes and flyer,  and Chef Stephanie’s innovation recipes for infusions, glazes and decorations.  

Let’s get started– March and any day forward! 

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