Got Flour, but What about Yeast?

Got Flour, but What about Yeast?

Got Flour, but What about Yeast?

When people stocked up to shelter and bake at home, they purchased 6.5 times the normal amount of yeast at grocery stores.  Replenishing the dry yeast stock has kept Red Star working round the clock. Check out the latest availability information.

Help us spread the word about an option you might not think of: Fresh Cake Yeast:  At this time, more stores are stocking 2 oz. blocks of fresh cake yeast

  • Use: one-third of a 2 oz. (56.7g) fresh yeast cake = one package (¼ oz. or 2 ¼ teaspoons) active dry yeast
  • 1/3 of 2 oz cake yeast (18g) will leaven up to 4 cups (1 lb 1 oz) flour

How-to-use information is ready for you here

Tips we’d want you to know:

  • Liquid temperatures: 80 °F. for bread machines; 90-95° F. for hand or mixer recipes
  • Method: Crumble cake yeast over dry ingredients

               You can dissolve cake yeast in ½ cup 90° F. water with 1 tsp. sugar

       (If yeast is dissolved in water, reduce the water in the recipe by ½ cup)

  • Yeast activity may decrease if it comes in direct contact w/ salt/sugar
  • Store fresh yeast refrigerated and note the use-by date.

Cake yeast is usually found in the dairy section, so if you can’t find it, or want to request it be ordered, ask the dairy manager. Here’s a list of stores that are or will be stocking the cake yeast.  

These times call out our “pioneering” spirit.  Personally I’m toasting each person who’s discovering they can bake and cook to enrich life more than they imagined.

We hear 2020 “pioneering” includes getting out your bread machine. Pioneer Bread will delight you as it has me for 40 years!  Here’s the recipe without the machine!

For bread machine Tips and Trouble Shooting, and many more great recipes, visit Red Star Yeast

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