Baking Pitchfest 2024

Baking Pitchfest 2024

Baking Pitchfest 2024

Press Release from King Arthur Baking Company – King Arthur Baking Company, the country’s premier baking resource, together with Project Potluck, a nonprofit empowering People of Color (POC) to build successful careers in the consumer-packaged goods and food and beverage industries, are pleased to announce Baking Pitchfest 2024.

Baking Pitchfest is an accelerator program dedicated to championing innovative baking brands and providing equitable opportunities for POC entrepreneurs in the baking industry. The goal is to foster a vibrant community of passionate POC bakers and entrepreneurs who are brought together through this shared experience. The winning businesses will receive financial support, brand exposure, and mentorship to help accelerate their businesses. There are two distinct editions – one focused on bakeries and the other on baking products. This approach ensures that a wide range of creative minds in the baking world have an opportunity to shine. Finalists will come together in May to share their stories, pitch their ideas, and learn from esteemed members of the King Arthur Baking and Project Potluck teams.

“We look forward to welcoming applicants from across the baking world and witnessing the innovative products and business concepts that will shape the future of baking,” says Molly Lawrence, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at King Arthur. “Pitchfest 2024 is a testament to King Arthur Baking’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive baking community and empowering creative POC leaders in the industry.”

“We believe in the transformative power of diverse voices in shaping the future of the baking industry, says Kathleen Casanova, Executive Director of Project Potluck. “Baking Pitchfest 2024 is more than a competition; it’s a platform for empowering People of Color to break barriers and redefine the narrative in baking. Through mentorship, competition, and community, we’re fostering a space where innovation knows no bounds.”Starting on January 2, 2024 through February 10, 2024, bakers and entrepreneurs are invited to submit their applications to participate in the inaugural Baking Pitchfest. To be eligible, individuals and businesses must be POC-led and members of Project Potluck. Becoming a Project Member is fast and easy. If you are a person of color click here to join. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that the event remains true to its core purpose of providing equitable opportunities. The Product edition is open to applicants nationwide, while the Bakery edition is open to bakeries located in Washington state and the Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont).

Join us in this exciting journey to elevate baking brands and empower POC entrepreneurs in the world of baking.

About King Arthur Baking Company

King Arthur Baking Company has been sharing the joy of baking since 1790. Headquartered in Norwich, Vermont, a certified B Corp, 1% for the Planet member, and 100% employee-owned, King Arthur Baking is the ultimate baking resource, providing the highest quality ingredients for the most delicious baked goods, while inspiring connections and community through baking. King Arthur’s superior flours and mixes are available in supermarkets nationwide. Visit KingArthurBaking.com for more specialty baking items, mixes, gluten-free products, recipes, guides, and more. Follow King Arthur Baking Company on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

About Project Potluck

Project Potluck is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to help People of Color (POC) build successful companies and careers in consumer-packaged goods (CPG) and other food and beverage businesses. Project Potluck was founded in 2020 by Ibraheem Basir, Founder and CEO of A Dozen Cousins, alongside Founding Board Members Ayeshah Abuelhiga, Founder and CEO of Mason Dixie Foods, and Arnulfo Ventura, CEO of Alter Eco. A first-of-its-kind organization, Project Potluck focuses on helping POC thrive by tackling the inherent bias in hiring, networking gaps, lack of access to capital for diverse founders and more. With a goal of implementing lasting change in the CPG and food and beverage industries, Project Potluck provides new opportunities for POC to network, learn, and grow from leaders and veterans in the space.

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