Are You Baking to Give this Holiday Season?

Are You Baking to Give this Holiday Season?

Are You Baking to Give this Holiday Season?

We continue to promote the benefits of baking as a way to give back to our communities because it really does make a difference. The act of baking itself involves time, effort, and a personal touch, creating a tangible manifestation of one’s dedication and affection. When shared, these homemade treats become a symbol of generosity, evoking a sense of warmth and connection. And if funds can be raised through this process to help others… all the better!

As we think about baking for others during the holidays, we are reminded of our Maddie Kruse: Bake to Give Youth Award honorable mention, seventeen-year-old Hannah Boyett of Battle Ground, Washington. For four years in a row, she upheld a tradition of baking for her community. Her bake sale started as a collaboration with her local American Heritage Girls Troop to raise funds during the holidays, then transitioned to a more personal pursuit. The bake sale funds went toward providing a local family in need with gifts for their seven children and a festive holiday dinner. Chosen through the Salvation Army’s adopt-a-family program, the family received personalized gifts based on the children’s hobbies. Boyett, passionate about baking since the age of 13, finds solace and joy in the process.

Photo by Rick Bannan, The Reflector

Indeed, there is much joy in baking for others. We honor passionate bakers like Hannah, and encourage others to do the same. You can find more information about baking to give on our website, and find a list of holiday cookie recipes here as well. Happy holidays from your friends at the Home Baking Association!

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