A Baker’s Dozen Labs

A Baker's Dozen Labs

A Baker’s Dozen Labs

A Baker’s Dozen Labs digital manual provides 278 pages of teaching material! Thirteen labs with first, intermediate and advanced culinary baking formulas and lessons.   Includes 32+ copy-ready resources and worksheets.  Each lab includes baking science experiments, computer labs, community service connections and live links to how-to-videos and the baking glossary. 

This is a must have resource to tach baking, foods or culinary in the classroom, virtual classroom and community program!  Two free labs to get you started!

Why Bake? Lab One

Wheat Flour and Cornmeal: Lab Three

Want More!

USB with 13 labs for $75! 

Order in August 2020 and also receive a complimentary Baking 101 CD with Kitchen Science lesson and Baking, Food History and Science!

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