“Adulting” Mentors Launch Food Skills

"Adulting" Mentors Launch Food Skills

“Adulting” Mentors Launch Food Skills

January can be a month to launch some new grooves. It’s Mentoring Month as well as Hobby Month, so why not put the two together in the kitchen helping at least one person gain some “adulting” skills— all masked as a new hobby!?

A great place to start might be the second week of January—aka Pizza week!  A young person learning to make their own pizza each week can save as much as $10,000 before they graduate from high school or college when they gain DIY cooking skills.

You can make pizza dough. (Yes, you can.) Time challenged?  Make it one day, refrigerate or freeze the dough and shape and bake another time! 

TIP:  Pizza can be baked in an oven on cookie sheet pans, in skillets (be sure handle is oven safe), cast iron pans, oven safe pie or dinner plates, or even on the grill!

Find how-to-knead videos plus more pizza recipes on our website

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