Let’s Get Started “Adulting” … before our kids are adults!

Let's Get Started "Adulting" ... before our kids are adults!

Let’s Get Started “Adulting” … before our kids are adults!

Bake for Family Fun month is a fabulous time to launch life skills essential to helping children, ‘tweens and young adults be less food insecure for life!  When you’re not sure if it’s worth the time sharing the kitchen, just think how disadvantaged for life you are when you don’t know how to read and prepare a recipe, find the ingredients or how to use kitchen tools. Did I mention there’s the extra expense and resources consumed, too?  Lack of skill becomes one more reason to buy or order in one meal at a time, all

Here’s what one 27-year old mom observed as she let her 2 ½ year old son help her put together their sandwich sourdough bread recipe last week:

“I can see Liam learning basic skills in the kitchen and he grows more and more comfortable with the tools and ingredients each time. The hardest part is slowing down to include him. Toddler’s need time and space to process directions and surroundings. Obviously, it’s much easier (and tidier) to do it myself. But I have seen the value in my own life, and I am eager to see how it takes shape in my kids’ lives.”

Get started with Measuring Four 101

Try this out! Fun for all hands to shape Everything Spice Pigs in a Blanket

…plus they’re absolutely super to share on Super Bowl Sunday.

Baking Hack:  As the adult, what do I do when I  don’t know how to do a step or maybe don’t have an ingredient?  Access our Baking Glossary, and members’ professional test kitchens with helps such as measurement substitutions and how-to-do and how-to bake guides for almost everything!

Don’t wait.  Get started building those life long skills and memories. “My favorite thing about our baking with Liam… well there are two things, I think. One is the chance to share a moment and bond without any other distractions. The other is to see how proud he is serving what he’s helped bake to our family.

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