Baked Gifts Unique to You

Baked Gifts Unique to You

Baked Gifts Unique to You

When you’re a foodie you love sharing something unique. 

Here are a couple to surprise and delight! View how to make Gingerbread Cookie Butter and launch a new trend in spreads!

Bread shaping beats ice sculpting by a thousand!  Smiling Santa Claus is just one edible holiday centerpiece option.  Shape tiny Winter Mittens for your tree or packaging, or create novel edible wonders like a Twisted Tea Ring.  Find recipes, step-by-step guides and video tutorials at National Festival of Breads.

Consider gifting our complete Dough Sculpting 101 DVD providing the best dough ever for edible rolls and centerpieces and a cooked (food-safe) Play Clay recipe for young sculptors.  This gift doubles as support for our non-profit and supplies a unique gift for artisan bakers in your life.  A free excerpt with the best-ever dough and sample shaping guide is downloadable too! 

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