Boost Your Baking History and Traditions

Boost Your Baking History and Traditions

Boost Your Baking History and Traditions

Building a family baking history and traditions may be starting with you. OR, if you’re lucky it may go “way back” to a cherished biscuit, dumpling or sourdough recipe or a daily corn or fry bread.  You’ll find such great traditions baked with Oklahoma Wheat bakers.

Another way to build on your history and traditions is to “book and bake.”  Pick an ingredient, like chocolate, read and learn!

Chocolate. A Sweet History.  by Sandra Markle.

If you read this book, you WILL want to explore all the types of chocolate.

Once you checked out the types, pick your baking challenge!

  1. Just beginning to bake… so On-the-Fence Brownies, please!
  2. Hey, I’ve baked a few times. Double Chocolate Cranberry Bread
  3. I’m up for separating eggs and beating egg whites!  The Chocolate Angel Food Cake is divine. (Actually It’s easier than you think)

Baking Hack:  How to melt chocolate in the microwave: Be sure bowl and utensils are dry, dry, dry!  1. Heat “chocolate chip” sized chunks.  2. Use a microwave–safe bowl or glass measuring cup. 3. Heat on HIGH, for 30 seconds. Stir. Heat again, 10-15 seconds, stir to tell if it’s melting and so you don’t overheat.  Repeat if needed; stir after each short heating time—the chocolate may not LOOK melted but is!

Now double down and make if traditional every year to share your baking during the third week of February, Random Acts of Kindness week!  Post away at #Kindnessstartswithone plus #BakeforFamilyFun

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