We’ve Got Flour and We Know How to Use It!

We've Got Flour and We Know How to Use It!

We’ve Got Flour and We Know How to Use It!

COVID has helped Americans build their sense of home and the skills that go with it, including baking.  Sheltering in place provided many folks the time to bake and reap the benefits that have proven to be appreciated and sustainable by many.  Fortunately we’ve also moved past the hoarding we first experienced! 

B&G Foods, (brands Grandma’s and Brer Rabbit Molasses, Clabber Girl and Crisco), reports in Food Business News, August 17, 2021, p. 14- “Recent studies show that even in spring 2021, approximately 65% of consumers were baking at home at least once per week.” That’s great news!

The Home Baking Association has had a busy summer teaching baking workshops, both virtually and in-person!  Here are two baking features you won’t want to miss from our partners at Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension and Oklahoma Wheat. Enjoy!

Baking Surges with Renewed Sense of Home By Gail Ellis, Oklahoma State Agricultural Communications Services-Extension

Baking Workshops Stimulate Teacher Creativity By Chris Kirby, Oklahoma Wheat Communications, pgs 4-7

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We’ll start Oct. 5, 6:30 PM ET with Baking with Sugar: Myths, Trends and Functions. Register Here!

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