Bake and Take!

Bake and Take!

Bake and Take!

The simplest baked item made and delivered by you is therapy for all these days.  In Kansas this practice became “Bake and Take Day” more than 40 years ago, launched as an opportunity to celebrate relationships with friends and family.

Now a national promotion and celebrated throughout March, the Kansas Wheat Commission is teaming up with the Home

Baking Association to promote Bake and Take Month. “The purpose of Bake and Take Month is to encourage participants to bake a product made from wheat and take it to a neighbor, friend or relative,” said Cindy Falk, nutrition educator of Kansas Wheat and coordinator of Bake and Take Month.  “The personal visit to members of your community is as rewarding and important as the baked goods you take.”

Getting Started in the Kitchen

Baking Food Safety 101

Baking with Whole Wheat Flour 101

Ten Tips for Baking Success

Thrill of Skill (2 page Leader Guide)

Thrill of Skill (Baking with Friends)

Food Skills Checklist

Safe Kitchen Checklist

Baking Guides

Levelheaded Measuring

High Altitude Baking

Scoop, Spoon and Scale

Measure Up

Baker’s Dozen Labs

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