You’ve Got Flour!

You've Got Flour!

You’ve Got Flour!

Contact: Sharon Davis, Family & Consumer Sciences Education
HomeBaking.org, hbadavis@gmail.com
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You’re home. You’ve got a kitchen. You’ve got flour! Homebound might not be all bad.  There are dozens of essentials you can bake. The Home Baking Association can help get that flour from the  bowl to the oven and on your table.

 Steps before you bake. Instructions here

Mixing and baking. 

  • Use the right measurement and equivalents
  • Access ingredient substitutes and Baking At-Altitude guide. Plus more Baking Guides!
  • Temperatures matter.  Cold (40°F) butter or shortening for biscuits, scones, pastry dough.  Room temperature (~68°F) if creaming butter and sugar for cookies, cakes, muffins. Yeast dough likes it warm, (70° – 80°F). Pans should be cool before you put product in or on them.
  • Before you preheat the oven, place oven racks in the middle or as recipe directs. Heat the oven at least 5 minutes before baking and between batches.

Craving sweet or savory breadsticks? Create your own.

Bread Stick Baking Hack: Roll or flatten dough into a 12 X 16 inch sheet. If dough springs back, cover it with waxed or plastic wrap. Let rest a few minutes. Roll again. Cut into 16 strips with a pizza cutter. Gently roll each and place on sheet pan as directed.

You’ve Got Flour! Baking STEAM, Sourdough Baking

Baking with Friends, step-by-step Bread Sticks page excerpt

Note: If you don’t have yeast on hand, substitute 4 teaspoons of baking powder for yeast. Omit the rising times if baking powder is substituted for yeast.

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