Perfect Summer to Shape Baking Skills

Perfect Summer to Shape Baking Skills

Perfect Summer to Shape Baking Skills

With this year’s challenge in what’s open and what’s closed, you can make time can fly with some creative baking skill building with dough. 

Any summer sandwich tastes great on a Kaiser or Rosette Roll.  Use a well-kneaded and cold yeast dough. We recommend the Refrigerated Potato Dough from Dough Sculpting 101 but any well-kneaded dinner roll dough will work great.  Chill the dough by simply covering it well with oiled plastic wrap after it’s kneaded and place in the fridge for an hour or two before you shape. If you punch it once doubled, it can even stay in the fridge overnight.  It just gets better!  This  lesson guide and the DVD offer steps for shaping the Kaiser or “double knot” roll.

One of the best sources for to build  your creative dough shaping muscle is the National Festival of Breads

 These blogger and home baker entries truly  inspire.  Watch Julene DeRouchey, co-director of the National Festival of Bread demos a 2019 winning entry, Chai Ube Rosette.

There’s so much more! You will LOVE the step-by-step pictorial guide they offer for dough sculpting in every season too.   You can request a printed copy too to work your way to dough sculpting prowess!

What to DO with this new skill?  There may or may or may not be a county or state fair to judge your success, but you can share with your “social bubble” friends during this time.  Benefit others. IF not an actual bake sale, you could show your handiwork and host a “virtual bake sale for No Kid Hungry,

Then, set your eye on the prize and plan to enter the 2021 National Festival of Breads, June 12, 2021.

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